Welcome to LoveHeld

Welcome to LoveHeld, our family-owned and -operated small business! We are glad you’re here! We hope to bring joy, comfort and style to everyday by sharing love, kindness and hope with others through each beautifully handcrafted item. Held with love in every aspect of the journey so that you feel respected, supported, cherished and treasured every single day. I'm Maranda, your maker/owner/founder, it's nice to meet you! I am a mommy to five, with our youngest little love enjoying being held close in our favorite LoveHeld slings each day. Our days are filled with giggles, homeschool projects, nature adventures and the quiet calming hum of my sewing machine each evening. Babywearing and serving others means so much to us. We hope your family feels at home and greatly loved here. Thank you again for sharing this journey with us! Thank You for being here!

With love,
Maranda and The LoveHeld Team

Our Commitment to You

To support you (and your family) along your individual journey in the everchanging moments of everyday. To bring you joy through connection, comfort through super soft eco-friendly textiles and style through timeless pieces that highlight your unique beauty.

Our Commitment to Community

The ancient practice of babywearing is honored, celebrated and shared with everyone and for everyone. Together we share the gift of babywearing worldwide by donating one ring sling baby carrier to a family in need per every ten ring sling carriers purchased. Thank you for living love out loud.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Reducing landfill waste through creative reuse of textile remnants, supporting local economies by creating jobs for family-owned businesses and work-at-home caregivers while fostering an online community that supports equality and celebrates diversity.