• LoveHeld Home Items:

Gently wash each item separately with cold water. No optical brightening agent soap/detergent. Recommended to lay flat or hang to dry, however tumble dry no/low heat in dryer is acceptable. Lint is to be expected.



  • LoveHeld Woven Wraps & Ring Sling Baby Carriers:

Wash by hand or on gentle/delicate cycle separately in washing machine. If using a washing machine, the Ring Wrap covers may be helpful to protect the rings. Cold water only and NO optical brightener detergent. Lay flat or hang to dry, out of direct sunlight. Steam iron to soften again if needed. Do not dry your carrier in the dryer as this can cause damage.



  • Woven Wrap & Ring Sling Storage When Not in Use:

Store your woven wrap and/or ring sling carrier loosely rolled, out of direct sunlight.



  • Please Note:

LoveHeld textiles have beautiful wrinkles, knobby nubs, and weaver’s knots which add character and uniqueness. Please do not pick or pull areas, they are a beautiful normal variation due to the oftentimes handwoven nature of these textiles. If you have an area on your item that you are unsure of, please contact us CustomerService@LoveHeld.com