Front Carry

(0+ months and 8+ pounds)

1. Place ring sling rings over one shoulder with tail flat cross your back and under the opposite shoulder.

2. Bring tail across your body and through both rings together. Then thread the fabric back over the top of the top ring and under the bottom ring creating a lock like pictured above.

3. Check the threading of the rings to make sure the fabric is not twisted as it passes over the top ring and under the bottom ring. When the fabric is positioned without bunching, tighten the slack.

4. Create a small pocket for babe.

5. Hold babe in a high burp position.

6. Guide babe into the sling in front of your chest, feet first while supporting their weight.

7. Bring the top third of the sling up to the nape of babe’s neck.

8. Bring the bottom third behind one knee, over to the other knee and up between you and babe to create their seat.

9. Bring any fabric slack over to the rings and tighten through the top third of the tail pulling gently towards babe’s neck.

10. Tighten the middle third of the tail towards babes back.

11. Tighten the bottom third towards babe’s bum.

12. That’s it! You’re done!