Babywearing & Family

Babywearing & Family

The practice of human beings carrying our little ones is engraved in each one of us thanks to our ancestors. Babywearing in fact, is not a new trend, women traditionally carried babies and young children with “carriers” constructed of plants, animal skins and other local materials for thousands of years. In fact these “carriers” are reported to be some if the first tools ever developed.


There are many benefits to carrying a baby or child. Benefits of babywearing include:

  1. Strengthening the bond between caregiver and child. Research has shown that wearing or carrying your little one will help them adapt easier to life outside of the womb, which is especially helpful in the fourth trimester.

  2. Happier babies! According to studies, carried babies (either in the arms of a caregiver or a baby sling/wrap) cry LESS than babies in cultures where baby wearing isn’t used.

  3. Smarter children. Research has shown that babywearing promotes healthy infant brain development and, enhances the IQ of the child.

  4. Healthier Adults. Babywearing has been attributed to aiding in the physical and emotional development of the child, leading to long-term good general health, psychological security and independence.

  5. Fostering and promoting early language development of the child.

  6. Supporting breastfeeding/chestfeeding for the families that choose to do so.

  7. A useful tool in helping to combat postpartum depression.

  8. Multitasking caregivers. Babywearing gives the caregiver more mobility and use of their hands. This is particularly helpful for families with multiples or families with busy toddlers who are welcoming a new little love.

Share with us your favorite benefits of babywearing! Our family has been practicing babywearing since 2007 when our oldest was born. The decision was made for me to stay home to care for him and work as a nanny to help supplement the family’s income. Babywearing with ring sling carriers became a super important tool, one in which I utilized each day. As the years have passed by our family has grown to five little loves, as well as our love for babywearing which has become an ever present daily presence in our lives. These ring sling carriers have helped to guide me through each postpartum period, as well as helped to soothe our little loves and keep them safe while daily life continues. Our family is forever grateful of babywearing, our children and ourselves wouldn’t be who we are today without it. We hope your LoveHeld slings remind you that you too are loved, supported and respected. We hope they hold you and your little one close, held with love. We hope they bring you joy and comfort, with a timeless classic style to the everyday.


-Maranda, LoveHeld

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