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“LoveHeld is not just about holding our little loves close but also holding others in love. I have been consistently impressed by LH's practices of acceptance and love for BIPOC, LGBT community, etc...” -K.G.

“These slings are more than slings, they are made with such care, love, and attention to detail. They arrive so soft and ready to cuddle baby in, which I never had the experience of prior to trying LoveHeld. My son is always ready for "uppies" even at a year old. I truly cannot explain how helpfully these slings have been to me, and what a beautiful bond babywearing has created. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your hard work and love you put in to each and every item you create.” -S.G.

“LoveHeld is such a kind, supportive community! The slings are beautiful and allow me to snuggle my baby and keep her close which helped me through my postpartum anxiety.” -B.S.

“LoveHeld is so much more than just a brand that sells slings. It is a community of caring people sharing in the love of holding our babies close. It has brought me friendships from near and far. A place to find comfort on hard and a place to rejoice on the good ones! There is just nothing like the LoveHeld family.” -O.G.

“To me, LoveHeld is about closeness. Slinging my two year old when she was an infant curated an indescribable bond between us. I’ll never forget those moments. Our slinging days might be over, but she still loves to cuddle close and be held. LoveHeld has already created a special bond between my unborn baby and I. I’m so excited to wear him/her in our new, cozy slings. LoveHeld has also created a close bond between a group of local moms and myself. These wonderful women are supportive, open, honest, and extremely caring.” -B.W.

“LoveHeld means family, friendships that know No country lines, people who I am proud to call Sisters, and everlasting comfort and memories for me and my sweet cherubs!!!” -A.D.

“LoveHeld to me means community, support, solidarity, honesty...These slings have carried me through hard days, hard nights, and lots of happy times as well.” -L.R.

“Wow! So much specialness in babywearing in such soft and supportive slings. I am a better mom to my sweet little babies, keeping them so cozy and close, while still mothering my other older children well. I love these slings.” -C.S.

“LoveHeld is the most supportive and mama/parent/caregiver friendly company. I love the sense of community and how soft all my slings are from Maranda.” -A.F.

“To me LoveHeld means closeness! It’s being able to slow down in all of the busy and a place that feels familiar when everything around you is changing!!” -U.S.

“I thought LoveHeld was a good sling company but I found that actually, it is home to a lovely group of mamas supporting one another.” -L.J.

“LoveHeld to me stands for faith, not just in God, but in myself as a caregiver. Giving myself grace and knowing I’m the best parent for my child. I love the way my son and I fit together perfectly when I wear him, we kind of just melt into one, even with my big old baby bump in the way! He always feels safe, loved, held.” -T.M.

“What does LoveHeld mean... Help with PPD/PPA. Snuggles. Love. Friends. Family. Memories. Hope. Security. Literally ALL of the things!” -B.R.

“LoveHeld is a welcoming community of baby wearers. Helpful, encouraging, kind, beautiful people coming together to support one another.” -E.M.

“LoveHeld means extra snuggles in beautiful fabric that has been carefully selected and sewn by the sweetest woman owner. It means handwritten thank you notes and little caramel surprises. It means a fun community of moms who are sweet and supportive.” -A.B.

“LoveHeld is one of the few items I have bought knowing that it was truly made with love and for a purpose. When I snuggled my baby not knowing what to expect from various doctors appointments, I knew that I had a community rallying and praying for those being carried close. I felt the prayers and love that went into the sling -almost like a prayer blanket my little one and I were wrapped in together.” -C.B.

“LoveHeld means love ... held - all the LOVE for my family and babywearing friends HELD close to my heart with the softest textiles.” -G.R.

“The best slings I’ve ever owned! The owners is superb! All natural fabric and durable.” -G.M.

“I’m so glad I found LoveHeld! They are high-quality, beautifully sewn and incredibly soft from the start. Maranda, the owner, has the biggest heart and goes above and beyond for her customers. Happy to support this company as long as I can!” -G.R.

We cannot praise our LoveHeld slings enough! Maranda is THE kindest person and she puts so much care and love into the beautiful slings she makes. We cherish them so dearly. Made from the best materials and offering excellent support to carry our little loves, they truly are the best of the best.” -T.D.

“Maranda puts her heart and Soul onto her work, caring for Each sling she sews as if preparing it for use with her own children. Her customer service is SO personal, she Never hesitates to go Completely above and beyond. If I weren’t in Canada I’d buy ALL my slings from her!!! Love this company and Love Maranda!!!” -A.D.


“I highly recommend Maranda's slings to ANYONE who wants to babywear. she has slings for anyone from a beginner, to advanced babywearers. Her linen is the softest I've ever felt. The slings are amazing, and Maranda is so pleasant to work with. She is consistently going above and beyond for all of her customers.” -M.S.

“LoveHeld means bonding, dancing, loving, sleep. LoveHeld means love.” -H.R.

“Words can’t even begin to describe how amazing these slings are. I have been babywearing for a year and a half, and tried several other “big name” brands, and none compare in quality/softness/customer service. Maranda, the owner, is one of the most amazing, genuine human beings that I have ever met. She truly cares about her customers, and puts her heart and soul into each sling that she makes. I will always and forever recommend LoveHeld slings. Thank you, Maranda for sharing your talent and beautiful slings with the rest of us! We adore them, and you!” -B.K.

“Loveheld introduced me to a different kind of closeness between me and my youngest baby. It is a sense of love and calmness for both of us.” -M.H.

“Loveheld to me is about connection. Connection to your baby, connection to strangers who soon become friends, connection to ourselves. I love this small shop and the community built around it.” -C.S.

“Maranda has the best customer service and is the nicest person. Her slings are amazingly high quality. Great for beginner and veteran slingers alike!!” -P.W.

“The owner is kind and goes out of her way to make sure her customers are happy and satisfied. She is genuine and honest. The slings are hand-sewn and so soft and high quality.” -S.B.

“Maranda is just the best! She did such a great job making my sage ombre double. Great communication! Couldn't be happier!” -C.C.

“I have had nothing but amazing and positive experiences with Maranda and LoveHeld. Her slings are soft, cozy, and beautiful, and her customer service is seriously beyond compare. I have never had the honor of working with and ordering from a more genuine and good hearted person before. She will have my business time and time again.” -A.B.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. -Aesop

“I love all of my slings I’ve purchased from LoveHeld. They help me take care of my littles and the quality is unmatched. Soft and easy to use and beautiful color options. I love buying from and supporting this company. Maranda goes above and beyond for her customers and is so sweet and hardworking.” -J.A.


“Not only are the slings amazing quality but the owner is super helpful and willing to work with you to customize your sling.” -J.W.

“I wholeheartedly recommend LoveHeld to any and everyone. they are absolutely amazing and my son loves to be up in them. Maranda provides above and beyond customer service. The only downfall with these slings is I want all of them.” -K.G.

“I received a ring sling as a gift and it is absolutely beautiful & the quality is incredible! I cant wait for my sweet baby boy to get here so I can use it!” -E.S.

“Maranda was such a joy to work with from start to finish. She made me a custom ring sling and was so patient, thorough, and kind throughout the entire process. She answered my a million and one questions and her attention to detail made me feel like I was the most important client she had! The end product was beautiful and perfect and everything I wanted it to be and more! She went above and beyond in her customer service and I will undoubtedly order from her again.” -D.J.