Welcome to the Early Bird Travelers program! We are excited to share these incredible NEW slings with you! This sister program to our Traveling Slings Program is designed to share a in person sneak peek with as many LoveHeld families as possible before release day! We hope you enjoy this special early access to these beauties!


1. Fill out the form below and when the NEW traveling sling arrives, share with us how you like it! Include a picture or a short video clip review on the designated Early Bird Travelers post in the LoveHeld Community group. (Pinned in the announcements.) Be sure to share how you like it with your babywearing friends and on social media too!

2. We ask you to agree to keep the NEW sling for no more than 24 hours. Please ship it promptly to the next person with insured priority flat rate shipping.

3. We ask you to agree to keep the sling protected during shipping with a sealed zip lock baggie and include the instruction pamphlet.

That's all! Now let's have some exciting fun and enjoy being held with love in these NEW slings before they release! (Early Bird Travelers is open to USA families. International families, please see our Traveling Slings Program.)