Welcome to our family owned and operated small business! We are thankful you’re here! Our mission is to simply share love, kindness, and hope through the practice of babywearing and beyond. We focus on the special bond between caregiver and child to help meet our children’s needs, and keep them safe while we complete our daily task.

My LoveHeld journey began when I was quite young, learning to sew projects for the community at the tender age of three. I was raised surrounded by strong and beautiful women role models who taught the value of hard work, kindness, and determination. With the love of my husband of 15 years, I became a stay-at-home mother when our first child was born. Soon after, I was blessed to work as a nanny for friends and neighbors while our family grew. During this special stage of life, I developed a love for baby wearing. As the years passed, our little family continued to grow as our lives were filled with homeschool outings, daily adventures, and the quiet hum of my sewing machine each night. I’m now the blessed mommy to four little loves here on Earth, with a precious little girl adding to our family at the end of this year.

Creating and designing for your amazing families is a very special honor. I concentrate on the unique needs of the families that will call my designs their own. I envision the little smiles and precious, soft little hands that will be comforted in these unique carriers. Each carrier is named after our little ones suggested through the Namesake program. Every single detail of our organic and natural textiles are considered, including the design placement of the fabric and how it will look draped across the body of a beautiful strong caregiver. Only the best, softest, and most safely dyed fabrics are chosen. Quality is important, as these fabrics will be placed against the delicate skin of a newborn or a giggling toddler as they grow. I inspect the weave, grain, fibers, and weight of each fabric to make, sure the newly handcrafted ring sling or wrap will be strong, comfortable, and most importantly safe.

Each item is created with upmost respect, with attention to every detail to honor the family it will serve. Each baby carrier is packaged by our family’s humbled hands. Each of our children has a favorite part. They get so excited helping to prepare the orders for shipping with us. Each carrier is carefully packaged in a plantable wildflower wrap with a special sweet treat just for you. Our carriers are inspired by you, lovingly made with your family as priority. Thank you for sharing your babywearing journey with us!

With Love,