Our Little Loves, Naming the Slings


The love and kindness we share as a community is one of the things that make our slings so special. As a celebration of this unity, I would like to invite you to join us in naming your beautiful slings after little loves all over the world.

  • From the first string of yarn tied by hand onto a family-operated loom, to the last stitch lovingly sewn by caring hands.

  • From packaging a delicious caramel, to wrapping the new sling in preparation to join your family.

  • From the beginning breath, to completion, our slings are lovingly made for families to carry their little loves all over the world.

We would be honored for your participation. Please complete the form below, leaving a child’s name suggestion and a sentiment for the naming of a future sling. Thank you for sharing your babywearing journey with us!

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